18" Premium Hanging Basket


All of our premium hanging baskets feature a heavy gauge wire frame, a matching rigid wire hanger and a 100% natural coconut fiber liner.  The novice, professional home owner and commercial grower will find it quick and easy to plant.  Simply place your liner in the wire frame of the hanging basket, add soil, amend with fertilizer and arrange your plants.  These baskets are a show stopper and will provide the perfect accent to your patio, lawn or garden.

Our 18" premium hanging baskets are powder coated in a high gloss black.  This powder coating repels water and keeps each basket rust free for years of use.  Our rigid wire hanger is self balancing and helps the basket stabilize itself during inclement weather.  It's also detachable to offer a more compact footprint when put into storage.

The inside diameter, with a liner installed, is just under 17" and 9.5" deep.  An assembled basket is 30" from top of the hanger to the bottom of the basket.  Each 18" basket has 16 spokes that form the iconic grid pattern.  An empty basket, free of soil weighs just under 5lbs.

Not the right size?  We got a variety of sizes to accommodate every need:

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